Itch for the Ultimate Thrill!

My stomach itched with unceasing want
It longed for something but certainly not bread or wine

My soul screamed tears of pain
All it wanted was another taste of hell

Thrills of crushing fear and certain dread
Left nothing but yearn for more and frustrating rage

Climbing, rafting, and skydiving were only in part
Exotic beds and tingling delight also filled the nights

A rocky road, drowned in adrenaline and lit in sparks,
Was paved and carved in vain each passing night

My appetite grew and could not be quenched
Until I finally saw the light on September eighth

I checked out that morning and left a lifeless corpse
Only to plunge into death with unmitigated force

Gabriel Rincon-Mora

Copyright ©2000 Gabriel Rincon-Mora

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