I finally understood what people sing about,

The misery behind lost love and vanished dreams,

The long, heartbroken winter of loneliness.


I never knew such a wretched life could exist,

With veins straining and struggling,

With life failing and my heart choking.


The thought of you never escaped me.

Your absence stripped me bare.

It left me without course and without air.


Desperation became my friend,

And fantasy was my lifeline and work my life.

You were my bread, then my wound, and now my demise.


The day I realized you’d truly left me, that you’d forgotten me,

My world collapsed in fright,

But my life found meaning in that vice and I lived for the first time.

Today, no song is beyond my grasp;

They all sting and make me cry.

They overwhelm my spirit and jolt it back to life.


Thank you, my love, for giving me manly life,

For letting me suffer the torment of a million nights,

For showing me the boundless and tenuous depths of my soul in strife.