MotherŐs Day, Why?


            Why do we celebrate MotherŐs Day? Well, to tell you the truth, I donŐt know why we, on the whole, observe it, but I can, without a doubt, explain my own inspiration. For my part, I pay homage to a very special person in my life, to my guardian angel. ItŐs the day I commemorate a love that is both blind and blinding, whose unending light shines and fuels the deepest fountains of my soul. ItŐs my infinite bliss to have such a comfortable, warm, and eternally hospitable haven, to have that white satin pillow scented in rose. ItŐs on this very day that I celebrate the constant beating of a boundless heart, which pounds day and night, minute by minute, to keep time with its young, her most divine and precious creation. I admire and honor the dedication of that body and soul, in thought and action, to her treasured pup, which she believes to be her primary purpose in life. A better gift than such a divine masterpiece The Almighty could not have given me, unquestionably proving the blessed divinity of Our Lord.