Mi Madrileña


What a perfect night that was

Madrid has never been so exquisite, not in the past

The sky was clear, pure, and dark blue

Three-quarters of the moon sparkled in radiant hymns of hue

The tireless city played its tune six floors below

A sweet medley of hushed sounds made it glow


Through the balcony doors I witnessed it all

I could feel my heart bloom in response to the call

The curtains slowly danced and swiftly flew

As the cool Spring air played its harmonic flute

Minutes, hours, and days could have passed

Only to find themselves cycling back to the past


My Madrileña I beheld in my arms that night

She was soft and sweet, not to mention warm and right

We celebrated with Spanish guitars and clapping palms

And only finished in melodic psalms

I will never forget that glorious evening in Madrid

When time and space ceased and I lived in bliss



Gabriel Alfonso

June 13, 2000