Strawberry Delight

The wind whistled and forcefully blew;
The sail obeyed tight, snug, and blue.
The water crashed hard against the hull;
It only exploded into a thousand golf balls as a result.
The jumpy crew hustled throughout the eve,
But the lofty sheets where hard to please.
The Caribbean, of course, didn't surrender;
She staked her ground with unyielding splendor.

Just when the light of hope began to fade,
The eye of the storm approached and waved.
The skies above wrestled with thundering might,
Still, in my arms she anchored in a single flight.
With the swift blink of a tiring eye,
Nirvana took her hostage to another place and time.
She floated me away in quiet hymns and glorious lights,
I slowly drowned in strawberry delight.

Gabriel A. Rincom-Mora

Copyright ©2000 Gabriel Rincom-Mora

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